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VonChurch has been the central hub for talent in the digital entertainment and digital innovation spaces since 2008. Operating on a relationship-first approach to recruiting, VonChurch has earned several “Best of Staffing” awards over the years both from clients and candidates alike. VonChurch selectively works with clients that push technology to the limits in any way, shape or form. From startups to established companies, video games to AR/VR and everything in between, VonChurch aims to help connect the right people with the right opportunity, pushing us into the next generation of tech.

Bronze Sponsors

Blue Label Labs Logo

Blue Label Labs is a 27-person, NYC-based mobile, tablet and watch app design, development and marketing agency. We can help with everything from design and development through pre-launch marketing/PR and post-launch maintenance. We’ve partnered with enterprises, agencies and entrepreneurs to build over 80 iOS and Android apps and games.

On the sports front, most recently, we partnered with the founders of Sploops to build the first-ever video sports forum for mobile. It allows fans to broadcast their opinions and be seen and heard through 15-second video rants, interactive polling, and social sharing. While we build apps of every kind, we have a strong passion for gaming, so if anyone has a sports game they’d like to get our help with, please come find one of our representatives.

Hi-Res Sploops Logo

Sploops is the evolution of the online sports forum and the future of mobile sports communication. The Sploops App is the first ever video sports forum for mobile. It allows fans to voice their sports take through 15-second video rants, interactive polling, and social sharing. Fans can finally put a face to their name and make their smack talk go viral.

It’s the ultimate tool for fans to build their personal brand and be seen and heard in a mobile sports community. The future of Sploops includes applications for in-stadium fan engagement. Sports teams will be able to interact with their fans via mobile like never before. The Sploops platform will enhance the in-stadium experience and give fans a new voice!